US Stocks Fall from Record High (Market Trading)

#DOW #Nasdaq

Wall Street opened slightly lower on Monday, with three major stock market indexes falling from a record high reached in the previous session as investors remain cautious about a US-China trade deal. The mood was shortly lifted after Chinese media Xinhua reported on Saturday, that Vice Premier Liu He had a phone call with US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and Trade Representative Lighthizer as US and China are trying to narrow differences surrounding a โ€œphase-oneโ€ trade deal. Yet, on Monday, CNBC defied expectations reporting that 'the mood in Beijing about trade deal is pessimistic' after Chinese officials were troubled by President Trumpโ€™s comment that there was no agreement on rolling back tariffs. The Dow Jones traded around the flatline, the S&P 500 went down 6 points or 0.2% and the Nasdaq traded 25 points or 0.3% lower around 7 minutes after the opening bell.

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