German Shares Rally 25.5% in 2019 (Market Trading)


The DAX 30 jumped 25.5% in 2019, after an 18.3% fall in 2018 on the back of moderated economic growth uncertainty, the achievement of a US-China phase one trade deal and clarity on the departure of the UK from the EU. On Friday only, the index declined 88 points, or 0.7% to 13,249. Other stock markets across Europe also closed lower: the FTSE 100 retreated 58 points, or 0.8% to 7,587, after 11th straight sessions of gains; the CAC 40 lost 55 points, or 0.9% to 5,982; the FTSE MIB slumped 251 points, or 1.1% to 23,506; and the IBEX 35 fell 88 points, or 0.9% to 9,613.

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